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Serving a Taste of Culture

Last weekend our youth group joined several other churches and organizations from around Winston-Salem in supporting the Shalom Project (another nonprofit organization which grew out of the United Methodist Church). We did this by participating in The Big Chill.

For those of you not from the area, and even for those of you who are from the area who are simply unfamiliar with this event, let me explain how it works: There are two elements to the Big Chill, cold callers and ice cream makers. Cold callers sit on blocks of ice and beg people to donate so they can get off. That's NOT what we did. We made ice cream.

The ice cream making is a bit of a competition. Each group makes a flavor or two (one church makes more than five every year!). Then, they spend the afternoon serving samples of their flavors to the folks who come to check out the event. The ice cream samplers "vote" on their favorite flavors by donating money at the table of the organization who made it.

We decided to make flavors that reflected the Mexican culture of our group. So we made sorbet that would be similar in flavor to the paletas you could get on the streets of Mexico. We made two flavors: Mango and Mango con Chili.

They were a hit! We were told by several people that ours was the best.

But it wasn't about the competition (though we enjoyed how well we did at that part). We participated in the event as one of the service projects for our Youth Group. One of the lessons we are focusing on this year is Gratitude and Generosity. Serving at the Big Chill was also an opportunity to practice hospitality, general good manners, and sharing responsibility. All in all, the youth did a fantastic job. We were very proud of them.

Their reward? This week we will make some sorbet for ourselves!

P.S. If you want to support The Shalom Project, and give us some credit while you do it, you can donate through our Big Chill fundraising page.

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