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Easter Fun

At Open Arms Community we celebrated Easter both the week before and the week after Easter. Since we are not a worshiping congregation, we do not have services for Holy days. Instead, we offer opportunities to learn about our faith through activities.

This year, we invited families to come on the day before Palm Sunday. Our Youth Group acted out the story of the Passion. The children enjoyed seeing the youth tell the story with some slightly modernized twists. (They really liked the fact that they got to keep the pennies after the "money changer"'s table was flipped)!

After the story, the children made some Easter crafts.

But the highlight of any Easter party is always the hunt for the eggs. The youth enjoyed hiding them and the children enjoyed finding them. The weather was perfect for it!

Finally, when programs resumed after spring break (which this year coincided with Passover, Ramadan and Holy Week), the boys in our Kids Club and their mentors got to take part in one final Easter activity. In Hispanic culture there are magical items called cascarones. A cascarón is an empty egg shell that has been painted then filled with confetti. The tradition is to break it over someone's head. Of course our 4th and 5th grade boys jumped at the chance to partake in this somewhat messy tradition!

What is YOUR favorite Easter tradition?

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